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Works: Insight, Concerto for Cello & Strings, Frozen River Flows, Suite in Old Style, Such different paths
String Paths
Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra/ M. Rysanov, K.Blaumane, R. Mints, J. Jansen et al.
ECM New Series 
Work: PULSE for gamelan, piano, percussion
New Music Biennial

R. Hind, R. Uttley - piano, R. Benjafield, G. Barton - percussion, R. Camption I. Carré - gamelan
NMC Records


Work: Spinning a Yarn for violin & hurdy-gurdy
Dance of Shadows
Roman Mints - violin/ hury-gurdy
Quartz Records
Work: Alma Redemptoris Mater for divisi SATB choir
The Marian Collection
Choir of Merton College, Oxford / dir. B. Nicholas
Delphian Records


Work: Whispered Lullaby for viola & piano
Maxim Rysanov - viola; Evelyn Chang - piano
Avie Records


Work: Schubert Arpeggione Sonata arr. strings & viola
Schubert - Tchaikovsky - Bruch
Maxim Rysanov; Swedish Chamber Orchestra/ cond. Muhai Tang

BIS Records


Works: Nocturne and Modetudes
Poets from the East
Evelyn Chang - solo piano
Avie Records


Work: Praise for choir & organ
The English Anthem Vol.8
St. Paul's Cathedral Choir, dir. John Scott

Hyperion Records


Work: Frozen River Flows for ob. and perc.
Frozen River Flows

Janey Miller - oboe; Joby Bugess - percussion

Oboe Classics

Work: Of the Sun Born for soprano and choir
World Sun Songs
Riga Youth choir Kamer… dir. Māris Sirmais


Work: Diptych for solo organ
Animal Parade
William Saunders - organ

Regent records


Work: Lydian River
Spectrum for violin
Alexandra Wood - violin; Thalia Myers - piano

Spectrum Series, ABRSM









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