Bell tower in the clouds (2004)

For string Quartet & String Orchestra
Commissioned by and written for the Orchestra of the Swan
First Performance: 31st January 2005, Civic Hall, Stratford-upon-Avon, Nicholas Cleobury, Orchestra of the Swan
Total duration: c. 10'

One summer, whilst walking in the Dolomites, I came across a small village on a Sunday. It was noon and the service had just finished. The bells of the church started to ring, and it was the most fascinating sound I had heard bells make. In general, ringing sounds easily impress me, and in particular bells, but the space where the Dolomites bells were resonating was rather compact and the sound bounced off old stone houses to become powerful clusters that lingered on. In order to create a multi-dimensional sound, there is a string quartet, which is presented in almost a concerto grosso way, against the cluster chords of the body of the orchestra


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Tabakova- Bell tower in the clouds (2004)

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