Moreni (2007)

Duration: 12’

First performance: 4th September 2007, Nicholas Daniel, Priya Mitchell, Alexander Sitkovetsky, Joel Waterman, Natalie Clein, Charles Owen. Boyana Residence, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Moreni (engl. moraines) are ancient boulder formations that look like giant ‘stone rivers’ and sometimes there is a real river flowing beneath the stones making muffled sounds. A few of these can be found in the Bulgarian mountains of Vitosha and Pirin.

The piece is in 5 movements, where the first and fifth; second and fourth movements mirror each other. The work begins with a Prelude, presenting the moraines; the second movement goes beneath the stones to where sometime rivers can be found flowing quietly and bouncing off the stones to produce unusual sonorities; the third movement is a quirky dance, a supposed world that exists beyond the moraines; followed by a journey back through the water and finishing with one last impression of the moraines.

The piece was commissioned by the Leicester International Music Festival and is written for the British Ambassador Jeremy Hill and his wife Katie Hill, as a musical postcard of their time in Bulgaria.


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Tabakova- Moreni (2007)
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